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Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.

Question 1.

A. difficulty                    B. community

C. ability                       D. effectively

Question 2.

A. counselor                    B. decisive

C. confident                    D. discipline

Question 3.  

A. management              B. protective 

C. respectful                  D. reliant

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest.

Question 4.

A. curfew                       B. burden

C. mature                      D. curtain

Question 5.

A. motivated                   B. prioritize 

C. confident                    D. conflict

Question 6.

A. childcare                     B. blind  

C.  integrate                    D. decisive


Complete each sentence with a suitable word below.

caring                           responsibility

household                    close-knit

willing                           project

supportive                    mischievous

Question 7. The committee has set up an inner city housing         

Question 8. She always helps her mother with           chores.

Question 9. The new job means taking on more            

Question 10. These children are sometimes       but obedient and hard-working.

Question 11. You can phone me whenever you need. I am always          to help you.

Question 12. My teacher is a      woman.

Question 13. She was very         during my father’s illness.

Question 14. The people in my village living in a        community.

Error Identification.

Question 15. We believe that (A) students with disabilities (B) should offer (C) support to do (D) the things they like.

Question 16. The mission of (A) the charity is improve (B) the quality of the lives (C) of people with  mental (D) disabilities.

Question 17. It is (A) in this country where (B) black cats (C) are considered good luck (D).

Question 18. The (A) accident looked seriously (B) but fortunately (C) nobody was injured (D).

Complete the sentences, using the correct form of the words in brackets.

Question 19. This season is very            . Millions of viewers have watched it since it first aired. (excite)

Question 20. He was a          man and against all forms of violence. (peace)

Question 21. Lan is       . She never does the things that she promises. (rely)

Question 22. In 1914, the British ruled India and Gandhi wanted the British to leave India so that the country could become           (depend)

Question 23. My cousin is         but that does not prevent him from doing lots of sports. (able)


Use suggested words or groups of words to write complete sentences.

Question 24. They / not allow / go out / evening / parents//.

⟹ ………..……

Question 25. I / never attend / such / enjoyable wedding / party before//.

⟹ ………………

Question 26. He / so ill / he / cannot take / final examination//.

⟹ ………..………

Question 27. Many parents / not let / children / make / decision / future career//.

⟹ …………………

Question 28. I regret / not study / hard / enough / pass / final exam.

⟹ …………………


Read the passage and do the tasks below.

A new hearing device is now available for some hearing-impaired people. This device uses a magnet to hold a detachable sound-processing portion in place. Like other aids, it converts sound into vibrations. But it is unique in that it can transmit the vibrations directly to the magnet and then to the inner ear. This produces a clearer sound. The new device will not help all hearing-impaired people only those with a hearing loss caused by infection or some other problems in the middle ear. It will probably help no more than 20 percent of all people with hearing problems. Those people who have persistent ear infections, however, should find relief and restored hearing with the new device.

Question 29. What is the author’s main purpose?

A. To describe a new cure for ear infections

B. To inform the reader of a new device

C. To urge doctors to use a new device

D. To explain the use of a magnet

Question 30. It can be inferred from the passage that                            .

A. this use of magnet is new

B. infections are in the inner car

C. magnets can be dangerous for 80% of people

D. the new devices is smaller than the old ones

Question 31.  According to the passage, what does the device not do?

A. Transmit sound to the inner ear.

B. Help all hearing-impaired people.

C. Produce clearer sound.

D. Change sounds into vibrations.

Question 32. The sound-processing unit                 .

A. is a magnet

B. is placed in the middle ear

C. helps cure infections

D. can be removed

Question 33. The word “relief” in the last sentence means                .

A. less distress

B. assistance 

C. distraction

D. relaxation

Choose the correct word that best fits each space.

Many parents believe that they should begin to teach their children to read when they are (34)____ more than toddlers. This is fine if the child shows a real interest but forcing a child could be counter-productive if she isn’t ready. Wise parents will have a (35)____ attitude and take the lead from their child. What they should provide is a selection of (36)____ toys, books and other activities. Nowadays there is plenty of good (37)____ available for young children, and of course, seeing plenty of books in use around the house will also (38)____ them to read.

Of course, books are no longer the only source of stories and information. There is also a huge range of videos, which can reinforce and extend the pleasure a child finds in a book and are (39)____ valuable in helping to increase vocabulary and concentration. Television gets a bad review as far as children are concerned, mainly because too many children spend too much time watching programmes not intended for their age (40)____. Too many television programmes induce an incurious, uncritical attitude that is going to make learning much more difficult. However, (41)____  viewing of programmes designed for young children can be useful. Just as adults enjoy reading a book after seeing it serialised on television, so children will pounce on books which (42)____ their favourite television characters, and videos can add a new (43)____ to a story known from a book.

Question 34.

A. scarcely              B. rarely

C. slightly               D. really

Question 35.

A. cheerful             B. contented

C. relaxed              D. hopeful

Question 36.

A. bright                 B. thrilling

C. energetic            D. stimulating

Question 37.

A. material              B. sense

C. produce               D. amusement

Question 38.

A. provoke             B. encourage

C. provide              D. attract

Question 39.

A. properly             B. worthily

C. perfectly             D. equally

Question 40.

A. set                      B. band

C. group                  D. limit

Question 41.

A. cautious             B. choice

C. approved            D. discriminating

Question 42.

A. illustrate             B. extend

C. feature                D. possess

Question 43.

A. revival                B. dimension

C. option                  D. existence


Listen carefully and fill in each blank with ONE word.

Our teenage years are probably the most (44)              of our lives. This is the time we pass from childhood into adulthood. So many things are happening to us. Our bodies change, our (45)              change and our whole life changes. We have to learn to be (46)              , mature and responsible in a few short years. We have to take (47)              , get a job and perhaps start a family. That must come as a bit of a (48)              for most teenagers. Part of all this new independence is teenage (49)              . This is probably the most difficult part of parents’ lives. All those moods and all that sulking. It can put a strain on (50)              life. People always think they really want babies and children; no one ever says “I want a teenager”.

Lời giải chi tiết

Bạn đang xem bài: Đề số 8 – Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 – Tiếng Anh 11 mới

Question 1. A

Question 2. B

Question 3. A

Question 4. C

Question 5. A

Question 6. C

Question 7. project 

Question 8. household

Question 9. responsibility

Question 10. mischievous                             

Question 11. willing

Question 12. caring                           

Question 13. supportive

Question 14. close-knit

Question 15. C

Question 16. B

Question 17. B

Question 18. B

Question 19. exciting

Question 20. peaceable                                 

Question 21. Unreliable

Question 22. independent                 

Question 23. disabled

Question 24. They aren’t allowed to go out in the evening by their parents

Question 25. I have never attended such an enjoyable wedding party before

Question 26. He is so ill that he cannot take the final examination

Question 27. Many parents don’t let their children make a decision about their future career.

Question 28. I regret not having studied hard enough to pass the final exam

Question 29. B

Question 30. A

Question 31. B

Question 32. D

Question 33. A

Question 34. A

Question 35. C

Question 36. D

Question 37. A 

Question 38. B

Question 39. D

Question 40. C

Question 41. C

Question 42. C

Question 43. B

Question 44. difficult

Question 45. emotions

Question 46. independent                             

Question 47. exams 

Question 48. behavior                       

Question 49. family

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