(SGK Tiếng Anh 11, hệ 7 năm)

* Giới thiệu và phân biệt các đại từ quan hệ và các loại mệnh đề quan hệ
* Làm bài tập exercises1 + 2 - Unit 9, exercises1 + 3 – Unit 10

a. Relative pronouns:
- T introduces the kind of relative pronouns.
+Who : ..N(person) + who + V + O
eg: The man who is standing over there is Mr. Pike
+Whom : .. N( person)+ whom+ S+ V
          Eg:That is the girl whom I told you about.
+Which: …. N( thing)+ which + S+ V
                   ..N(thing) + which + V + O    
Eg: This is the book which I like best.
+That: That là đại từ quan hệ chỉ cả người lẫn vật. That có thể được dùng thay cho who, whom, which trong mệnh đề quan hệ xác định.
This is the book that I like best.
….N( thing,person) + whose + N + V
Eg:John found a cat whose leg was broken.
*Relative adverbs
+When: When là trạng từ quan hệ chỉ thời gian, đứng sau danh từ chỉ thời gian. When được thay cho at/on/in + danh từ thời gian hoặc then.
Eg:May Day is a day when people hold a meeting.
+Where: Where là trạng từ quan hệ chỉ nơi chốn, đứng sau danh từ chỉ nơi chốn. Where được thay thế cho at/on/in + danh từ nơi chốn hoặc there.
Eg:Do you know the country where I was born?
+Why: Why là trạng từ quan hệ chỉ lí do. Why thay cho for which.
b. Defining relative clauses and non-defining relative clauses
Ex 1:          Elephants who marry mice are very unusual.
Ex 2: My friend John, who went to the same school as me, has just written a best-selling novel.
àDefining relative clauses give essential information to define or identify the person or thing we are talking about
à Non-defining relative clauses are always separated from the rest of the sentence by commas.
1. In non-defining clauses, you cannot use ‘that’ instead of who, whom or which.
2. You cannot leave out the relative pronoun, even when it is the object of the verb in the relative clause.
3. Non-defining clauses can be introduced by expressions like all of, many of + relative pronoun:
Exercise 1 - Unit 9 (page 109)
Expected answers Ex1:
1. A burglar is someone who breaks into the house to steal things.
2. A customer is someone who buys something from the shop.
3. A shoplifter is some one who steals from the shop.
4. A coward /'kauəd/ is someone who is not brave.
5. A tenant /'tenənt/ is someone who pays rent to live in a house.
Exercise 2 - Unit 9 ( page 109)
Expected answers Ex 2:
1. who     2. whose   3. whom
4. whose   5. whom
Exercise 1 – Unit 10 ( page 122)
Expected answers Ex1:
1. whom     2. which 3. whom
4. whom     5. which   6. who     7. which
Exercise 3 - Unit 10 ( page 123)
Expected answers Ex3:
1. that                      2. which   3. who     4. whom
5. which/ that           6. which 7. who     8. whom
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